Sustainable Range: Cloths, Wipes and Scourers

New smart choices of natural and recyclable products and packaging. Being sustainable just got easier! Reduce the impact on the environment with this highly effective range of cleaning aids, from the Brand you can trust.

This new range of products includes CHUX® Biodegradable Superwipes, CHUX® Biodegradable Absorbent Cloths and CHUX® Non-Scratch Scourer Sponges, made from biodegradable natural fibres, designed to break down, or recycled fibres, and all are sold in recyclable packaging printed with soy based inks.

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CHUX Non-Scratch Scourer Sponges

CHUX Heavy Duty Cloth – Cut Pieces
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Products or materials that can be broken down in nature by micro organisms, especially by bacteria into generally harmless substances to the environment. The CHUX biodegradable range of products passed the biodegradability tests independently conducted by the CSIRO.

Products or materials that can be produced for prolonged periods of time, meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainable products or materials are practical, economically, socially and environmentally, and are viable in the long term.

  • CHUX® Non-Scratch Scourer Sponge is a highly effective cleaning aid made from natural and recycled fibres* with abrasive particles ideal for removing tough marks, grease and grime without scratching.
  • Safe for non-stick cookware, the non-scratch scourer is made from post consumer recycled PET bottle fibres, with abrasive particles ideal for removing tough marks, grease & grime, without scratching.
  • The sponge is made from 100% natural cellulose, a highly absorbent material, ideal for wiping benches and spills.
  • CHUX® Non-Scratch Scourer Sponges are Packed in special plastic film designed to break down when exposed to the elements.

* 65% natural & recycled fibres and 35% synthetic abrasive particles, binder & pigment.

Feature/s Re-order code Units Per Ctn Inner X Units Pallet Qty Pallet Layers
Scourer/sponge 1 cm x 7 cm CSNSPG12/4 12 per pack 4 84 7