Stainless Steel Wipes

NEW PRODUCT! Clorox Commercial CHUX® Stainless Steel Wipes.

Keeping your stainless steel surfaces looking like new has never been easier! It's as easy as 1,2,3!

These soft and gentle, streak-free, safe non-toxic wipes designed for stainless steel appliances and surfaces. Suitable for all stainless steel and metal surfaces in the office or food service areas, CHUX® Stainless Steel Wipes will bring back the shine!

CHUX® Stainless Steel Wipes effectively removes grease and dirt, and adds a protective coating against smudges, marks, dust and finger prints.

Once you try them you will never want to be without them!

CHUX® Stainless Steel Wipes come in a convenient resealable pack will keep all your stainless steel surfaces clean and shiny.

Bring back the shine! 

CHUX Stainless Steel Wipes