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Showcase your surfaces at their best with CHUX Stainless Steel Wipes

Wildfire Story

The public love to see showmanship in their chefs – as exemplified by the popularity of TV shows like Masterchef and Iron Chef. The growing awareness of this has led to the resurgence of the open plan restaurant kitchen, in which diners can watch the kitchen brigade at work, prepping, cooking and plating meals.

But while a birds-eye view into the kitchen may be good for business, it also necessitates that everything your customers can see evokes cleanliness and good hygiene at all times. And as we're all aware, some commercial surfaces are a challenge to keep clean.

Stainless steel is a case in point – it features heavily in many contemporary kitchen fitouts, and is frequently used on refrigerators and other essential equipment. Yet it is easily smeared by greasemarks, fingerprints, steam and general grime.

Executive Chef Luke Stepsys is only too well aware of the importance of keeping his restaurant's stainless steel surfaces looking pristine. For the past 17 months Luke has been working at Wildfire, a large restaurant located in the prime tourist spot of the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal at West Circular Quay.

Wildfire specialises in Brazilian style 'churrasco' barbecue cuisine, which required the installation of a state of the art kitchen with ovens by Beech along with custom-made grills and rotisseries. There are eighty large skewers that each hold three to four kilograms of meat, rotating above a huge charcoal pit. The meat is cooked within view of customers, then carved at the table.

Seafood also features prominently on Wildfire's menu, and the restaurant includes an open plan seafood preparation area where customers can see oysters being opened, prawns shelled and so on. "It's almost like a meat and seafood degustation," is how Luke describes Wildfire's menu. "This is Wildfire's 10th year and the open plan kitchen is a big drawcard. I think people like the theatre of it. From the first day I walked in I noticed the distinctive aroma that you get from having the kitchen open to the dining area – it's a very important contributor to the overall ambience. And of course our diners just love to see the chefs in action."

Wildfire Story

Wildfire's open plan area features a large amount of stainless steel on show. "The grill is a focal point," Luke explains. "It brings people's attention in – customers are always coming and taking photos, it's constantly on show so it's very important to ensure it always looks impressive. And of course, the kitchen must always look hygienically pristine – we are judged by its appearance."

To keep all this looking at its best, Luke uses CHUX Stainless Steel Wipes, which not only clean but also add a protective coating to guard against future markings from smears, smudges, fingerprints and dust. They're easy to use: just ensure the stainless steel is dry and free of excess grease, before wiping with the grain until clean. Finish off by buffing to a shiny, residue-free surface with a CHUX Superwipe.

"The CHUX Stainless Steel Wipes are excellent – they keep all our stainless steel smear and spot-free," Luke says. "The application is simple – just wipe then buff to a pristine finish. When you come into the kitchens here in the morning, it just looks spotless."

CHUX Stainless Steel Wipes have a non-toxic formulation to ensure they're kind to hands.

Case Studies